Economic development that creates opportunity for everyone

While the Boston and Cambridge economies may be booming, the state needs to focus on broadening their efforts to create economic opportunity for people in cities like Haverhill. 

To help boost the local economy, Paul will:

  • Work to create a single economic development office that will allow entrepreneurs and small business owners easy access to advice and capital.  This one- stop shop will allow the Commonwealth to easily promote the strengths of areas like Haverhill and provide easy access to opportunities for current business owners.

  • Fight for a level playing field for our local businesses that have to compete with New Hampshire.
  • Advocate for incentives to attract companies with high paying jobs to gateway cities to provide a stronger economic base and increase opportunities for Haverhill residents.
  • Encourage and support the people of Haverhill to start and sustain businesses in our downtown, by designating tax-free zones to help cultivate our culinary and creative economy as well as encourage entrepreneurs and start–ups.