Magliocchetti Announces Candidacy for 3rd Essex District

Eagle Tribune: "Magliocchetti will run for Dempsey's 3rd Essex seat"

After speaking with his family, School Committeeman Paul Magliocchetti has announced his candidacy for the 3rd Essex District House Seat to replace longtime state Rep. Brian Dempsey.

"I think I have the experience, knowledge and ability to do the job as I negotiate agreements for a living," said Magliocchetti, a partner in the Haverhill law firm of Sheehan, Schiavoni, Jutras and Magliocchetti LLP.

"As a transactional attorney I negotiate deals every day of my life," Magliocchetti said. "I have extensive experience in negotiating contracts, agreements and financial settlements."

Before declaring, Magliocchetti also spoke with Dempsey and other member's of Haverhill's legislative delegation.

"I wanted to learn more about the work of a state representative, and ask Brian for his advice about the job and balancing family life," Magliocchetti said. "He explained the work, and indicated that whoever wins his seat, they are going to face some challenges.

"... [I]t is very important that whoever succeeds him has the experience and ability to earn the respect of the other representatives and negotiate budget items that are in the best interest of the people of Haverhill," Magliocchetti said. "This is a critical election and you need someone who is very talented in that position."

"I'm going to go out there and campaign very hard," Magliocchetti said. "I believe I'm a highly qualified candidate who wants the position and that I'm very well suited to serve the needs of the people of Haverhill and continue the great work of Chairman Brian Dempsey."